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This page is owned and maintained by Owosso Tractor Parts, official presenters of the Annual Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing

2018 Rules and Regulations

(Updated January 3 2018)


All participants must agree and abide by these rules. Failure to comply with the below rules and regulations will result in disqualification from the event, with no refunds. Rules are in effect for the entire duration of the event.


11th Annual Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing


As the official sponsor of this event, Owosso Tractor Parts reserves the right to change and/or amend any of these rules and regulations as it sees fit to make this event safe for all those involved. Club representatives/presidents must check the website for any changes to any rules or regulations.

The term event from here on can be but is not limited to any of the following phrases or terms: Owosso Tractor Parts Antique Tractor Bridge Crossing Parade, Owosso Tractor Parts Mackinac Bridge Crossing, Antique Tractor Mackinac Bridge Crossing, Antique Tractor Crossing, Tractor Event, Tractor Crossing Event, Antique Tractor Event.

A tractor club is referred to but not limited to the term/terms Antique Tractor Club is set forth as follows described as: A legally registered Antique Tractor Club of antique farm tractors and/or farm equipment club, Antique Tractor Association, Tractor Club Association. The club must be registered with the State of Michigan or their respective state and/or county they legally reside in as a tractor club and have either a legal DBA (Doing Business As) or Not-For-Profit Antique Tractor Club or Tractor Association status respectively.

Definition of a tractor club member and or members also referred to on this site as a member, club member, tractor club member. A member and or members here forward are referred to as a member of a legally registered antique tractor club and/or legally registered tractor association. A member must be current with their tractor club and are registered with that club.

The club registration form is your official registration form for your club to participate in the Owosso Tractor Parts Antique Tractor Parade & Show 2018 and the Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing 2018. As president or official representative of your club you agree to the rules and regulations set forth for this event and agree that your members will adhere to the rules and regulations. You also agree that your club and its members will agree to a hold harmless contract to relieve Owosso Tractor Parts, The Mackinac Bridge Authority, The Village of Mackinaw City, Darrow Construction, Katie Darrow, The City of St. Ignace and Little Bear Arena of any liability that may occur during the event. A hold harmless form must be signed and in the possession of Owosso Tractor Parts one month before the event.  Clubs not participating in the “Hold Harmless”, “Rules & Regulations”  requirements will not be allowed in the event.





1. Speed Requirements: Your antique tractor MUST be able to maintain a minimum speed of 10 MPH.
This rule may change but at this time this is the required minimum tractor speed. All participants are required to maintain 10MPH during the parade and avoid large gaps. Failure to do so may mean disqualification from the event.


2. Alcohol: There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol before, during or after the bridge crossing through St. Ignace. Wait until your tractor is parked in St. Ignace to celebrate. Don't drink and ride and don't drink and drive. No alcohol of any kind will be tolerated.

3. Model Year Requirements: Tractors built 1976 and before are the only tractors allowed in the parade across the bridge. Some special series of tractors may be allowed. Please call or email us for special series/model participation.

4. Age Requirements: No one under the age of 18 years will be allowed to drive a tractor across the bridge.

5. Tractor with Pneumatic tires ONLY. Steel wheels or spades, spikes, grouser pads, crawler tracks, spike wheels, steel wheels with solid rubber pads or solid tread will not be allowed to drive in the parade. Read further, you can still cross but it will have to be on a trailer in the parade.

6. Trucks and Pickup Trucks hauling trailers with equipment can be in the parade if you decide to haul your load across instead of driving. This is meant for people who want to show off their crawlers or tractors with steel wheels but won't or can't for obvious reasons. No empty trucks in the parade.

7. Slow moving vehicle signs will not be required as long as you are in the parade.

8. Weather issues were addressed and it was decided that the parade will go on rain or shine so watch the weather before you leave. The only thing that would stop the parade is high winds in excess of 35 MPH. If the winds are over 35 MPH the show will be called off and there will NOT be another time to cross. There is a possibility, though remote as it may seem, that we may not be able to cross at all and you need to be aware of this now. Remember safety first.

9. Flags are OK but they must be put in line with your tractor, not side by side. We do not want them to obstruct the view of the road ahead of you and others behind you.

10. People movers will not be allowed. Tractors allowed to drive on the bridge will not be allowed to tow wagons or trailers with people on them during this event.

11. Extra Rider: “Buddy Rider” MBA has agreed to allow a single Buddy Rider for the 2018 event.  See “Buddy Rider Rules” for more information.


12. Trailer Signs: Clubs with trailer signs with their club name can be towed behind a tractor, but no people on the trailer or wagon being towed.

13. Tractor signs on tractors: Club signs may be bolted securely to your tractor as long as they do not obstruct the view of the driver or other drivers. This will be strictly enforced because of safety.

14. Floats will not be allowed.


15. Implements on tractors or trailer are allowed as long as they are secured by your hitch. Implements on a trailer being hauled by your truck are fine.


16. Club participating members: In the event a club member who has registered with their respective club and decides not to participate for any reason, they can’t choose a non-club member to take their place under any circumstances.

They can allow another club member in the same club as they to take their place. Any changes must be approved by your club representative before the event leaves the staging area. Those changes are also to be cleared by Owosso Tractor Parts before leaving the staging area.


17. Parade Safety: All tractor drivers must drive their tractors in single file on all roadways, including and not limited to the Mackinac Bridge unless they are instructed to do otherwise. Or they are unable to because of a breakdown, avoid an accident or traffic officials instruct them to. Current law enforcement may even ticket those who decide to play games on the roadway or race other tractors in the parade. All clubs and their participants agree to follow the given routes of the parade and not cause undue hazards to other drivers, pedestrians, car traffic or others who simply want to watch the parade. Respect the safety of others. Safety is our utmost concern and we expect everyone to cooperate.


18. Fire Extinguishers: All clubs during the event will be required to carry at least but not limited to one (1) of the Type A B C dry type fire extinguisher in their group of tractors. Larger clubs with more than 20 tractors will be required to carry a minimum of two (2) of the Type A B C dry type fire extinguishers in their group of tractors. Your club is not limited to the number of fire extinguishers you can bring. Make sure your fire extinguisher is strapped to your tractor properly so it doesn't fall off during the parade but yet easy to get to in case it is needed.


19. Tow Straps or Tow Chain Required: All tractors will be required to carry a suitable tow strap or tow chain in case of a breakdown of your equipment. If your tractor breaks down during the parade in Mackinaw city and it can’t be fixed before the actual bridge crossing you will not be allowed to be towed across the bridge. If during the parade on the Mackinaw city side your tractor does break down, you can still cross the bridge if you get it fixed before the actual bridge crossing event is over, even though you may be out of line. You can rejoin the parade or your club just before the bridge crossing. We reserve the right to adjust the time of the actual bridge crossing.


20. Owosso Tractor Parts and its employees have the right to disqualify any participant(s) and or club(s) that refuses to abide by any single one of these Rules & Regulations set forth. Owosso Tractor Parts and any of its employees have the right to disqualify anyone who jeopardizes the safety of others.


21. All clubs and their members agree to respect all property of Owosso Tractor Parts, the city/village of Mackinaw City, St. Ignace, Mackinac Bridge Authority, Darrow's staging area, Little Bear Arena, Mackinac County Airport in St. Ignace and all other areas used for the event.


22. Emergency: In case of an injury, accident or emergency call 911 immediately.

23. Medallion: “Official Entry 2018” magnetic medallions are to be placed on the right hand front corner of your tractor if possible. If not the right front corner, then on the right hand side in the hood area for the Mackinac Bridge Authority to observe as you get on the bridge.  Anyone without the “Official Entry 2018” medallion may be stopped and pulled off to the side by employees of Owosso Tractor Parts, the Mackinac Bridge Authority, state or local law enforcement to verify your qualification to participate.  Verification will be done through our database your club representative provided Owosso Tractor Parts before the event.  If your name is not on the participants database then your club representative must verify your qualification. Read Reference number 24 for violators of the event.


24. Violators of the event: Tractor drivers in the event who do not possess an “Official Entry 2018” medallion legally from a club representative or Owosso Tractor Parts and are found in the event at any time illegally, are hereby disqualified from participating. If necessary they will be removed from the event by law enforcement. Such violators will be at the mercy of local and state law enforcement officials.  They can be fined and their tractor can be impounded by law enforcement for entering a parade illegally. It’s also illegal to be on the Mackinac Bridge without permission of the Mackinac Bridge Authority.  Those entering the event without permission are risking fines and jail for doing so.  See: Violators consequences.


25. Tractor Parking Allowed:  Only tractors that are registered through their respective club for the event are allowed on the property that we control, lease, rent or otherwise occupy during the event.  This includes Mackinac Staging Area (Darrow pit) or parked at the St. Ignace Little Bear lot, Mackinac City Parade, St. Ignace Parade(s) Friday morning or Saturday downtown parade, Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing Parade. No one will be allowed to just drive in and park or participate in the event unless you and your tractor are registered with the event through an approved club or Owosso Tractor Parts. Those who chose to disrupt our event and park their unregistered tractors in these areas will be towed away at the owner’s expense and have to deal with the local authorities.




Insurance: Each club must provide Owosso Tractor Parts with proof of liability insurance (i.e. Accord Certificate of Liability Insurance), club disclaimer/hold harmless form, and tractor club driver chart prior to the event. These items must be mailed, faxed, emailed or turned in to Owosso Tractor Parts in person.

Liability Insurance Requirements: Each club must provide proof of insurance with the following: insurance company name, complete address and phone number, participating club’s legal name and complete address, insurance policy number, must show a minimum of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) liability coverage, must be current and active at the time of the event, Sept. 4th, 2018 through Sept. 9th, 2018 and must show Owosso Tractor Parts and The Mackinac Bridge Authority as certificate holders on the insurance certificate. Proof of insurance must be handed in 30 days prior to the event.

Insurance policy must cover your club for events and or parades it participates in such as the Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing, Owosso Tractor Parts Antique Tractor Parade & Show 2018. All insurance information will be kept confidential and never used for any other purpose except as proof of insurance coverage to Owosso Tractor Parts, Mackinac Bridge Authority, Village of Mackinaw, City of St. Ignace, and Little Bear Arena. By joining the event and signing the club registration form online or in writing, you give Owosso Tractor Parts permission to show your policy information to the above mentioned entities only as proof of insurance.


Club Disclaimer: All clubs in the event will be required to sign and return 30 days prior the event date, a club disclaimer and hold harmless form. This form will be emailed to the address provided upon registration and must be signed by your club president or club board member with authority to represent your club and sign legal documents and/or forms.

In addition, club reps must obtain a member disclaimer form from each participant containing the participant’s name, tractor make and model, and signature. This member disclaimer is for the club rep’s records and does not need to be returned to Owosso Tractor Parts.


Buddy Riders: Any Buddy Riders participating in the event must provide Owosso Tractor Parts with the member disclaimer form showing that they are a rider in the event and with whom they will be riding. All buddy rider seats must be approved by Owosso Tractor Parts. Buddy Riders 16+ may ride next to the driver on approved seats. Buddy Riders 13-15 must ride on a bench seat behind the driver, and be accompanied by an adult in the same seat.


Club Chart: Each club must provide an up-to-date club chart of participating members. This chart must be signed by the club representative and must list first and last name of participant, verify age, year, make and model of each tractor. Buddy Riders must be noted as such on this chart. By signing this chart, the club representative confirms that each tractor meets the requirements of the event, including year and speed requirements. This chart must be turned in to Owosso Tractor Parts prior to the event.


Participant Form: The participant form must be filled out by every participant (driver and buddy riders) at time of payment. It states that they have read and understand the rules and regulations and will abide by them. 




By agreeing to the rules and regulations set forth for the event, you as club representative and or official representative of your club, are allowing Owosso Tractor Parts to use your club name and/or your club website, club and address on our website as a participating club of the bridge crossing parade/show event. If you do not want your club listed on our website but still want to participate, you must email us prior to sending your club registration.


By club representative/president of the club signing the club registration form, they further agree that Owosso Tractor Parts and/or The Mackinac Bridge Authority reserve the right to inspect all and any of your clubs tractors, trucks, trailers or any other equipment that is participating in the event for mechanical and or safety issues that may arise. Owosso Tractor Parts and the Mackinac Bridge Authority reserve the right to refuse certain vehicles not approved in the event onto the Highway I-75 (on ramp) to the Mackinac Bridge. And they can prevent your club from crossing the Mackinac Bridge and from joining the parade/show at any time or point due to mechanical and/or safety issues or any rules & regulation violations. The official club President and or official Club Representative signing, agrees to these terms and conditions set forth on behalf of their club and its current enrolled members.

Robert Baumgras
President of Owosso Tractor Parts.
& Coordinator of the Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing 2018


Owosso Tractor Parts
1003 S. Washington St.
Owosso MI 48867

Local (989) 729-6567