Apparel & Merchandise Ordering

Pre-ordering is now open for the 2020 Crossing. As creators of the event, we are the only place to buy official apparel with the official logo.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Save money from prices at the event

  • Some items and colors are only available by pre-order

  • Guarantee your size, item and color preference

Orders may be shipped directly to you or picked up at the event. You may choose to pay via credit card or mail in payment (instructions on ordering screens).  

Please click links below for apparel. If you have any questions please email us at or call/text Rebecca at 989-721-6882.


These logos are copyright protected and may not be used in any without written consent from Owosso Tractor Repair & Parts.

If you would like to print the prices and order form, click both icons to the right.