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2021 Participant Registration

Click Here for a Video Showing How to Register

Participant registration opens on May 15.  On May 15 the registration link will be provided on this page.  

Please read below entirely before registering.

The 14th Annual Crossing takes place on Saturday, September 11 beginning about 9:00 AM (schedule to come later this summer). Participants may arrive Wednesday - Friday to drop off their tractors.

The current cap is 1500 tractors, on a first come, first registered basis. Due to COVID restrictions, it's possible that number may change. If it does, registrations will be counted on first come, first registered basis. As of today, we are still proceeding with the event. If there are changes, we will notify club reps first, then Facebook and our website. 

In order to register, participants must belong to a participating tractor club. Registration must be submitted online at the form below (available May 15), through the mail (by printing the form) or in person at our store in Owosso, MI. We are unable to accept registrations over the phone.

By registering you agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the event (found here), including, but not limited to, any COVID regulations in place on the day of the event. Participants must sign registration forms agreeing to the rules of the event. This can be electronically if registering online or written signature if registering in person or by mail.

Registration Fees

  • Driver $60 (Deadline August 15)

  • New Buddy Seat $55 (Deadline July 15)

  • Previous Buddy Seat $50 (Deadline August 15)

Age Requirements

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old on the date of the Crossing

  • Buddy Riders next to the drier must be at least 16 years of age

  • Buddy Riders behind the driver must be at least 16 years of age

We do allow 13-15 year old children to ride behind the driver with a registered adult. Be sure to check with your club registering a 13-15 year old as they get to decide as a club whether or not to allow them.

Each club representative has access to a roster that contains names of all registered participants. Your name will be added to the roster once your registration is received. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation a well as an order number.

Registrations are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

2020 Registration

If you registered and paid in 2020 and requested to use your 2020 registration for this year, you will still need to fill out a registration form to be counted for this year. There will be an option to select that you are using 2020 registration and you will not be charged. We will then verify that information and add to the club's roster. If we cannot find your registration for last year, we will email you and the club rep.

If you carried over your 2020 registration and cannot attend this year, you may use it in 2022. The deadline for refunds of last year was December 31, 2020.

Free Pass

If you have a free pass that you won from 2019 or have a lifetime pass, you will still need to register to be counted. You will select the "free pass" option and will not be charged. We have a record of free passes and will check when we receive registration. We will email you with any questions.

Buddy Seats

If your buddy seat is not built yet, you can still register the driver and register the buddy rider later (by July 15).

New buddy seats (or seats that have changed in any way, including the tractor it's on) will need to submit photos when registering.

If you are registering a previously approved seat, you do not need to submit photos.


There are no refunds on registrations for any reason, including illness, change of plans, refusal to follow COVID regulations, weather, etc.

Print Forms

If you would like to print a registration form and mail it in, please click one of the links below to the right. 


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