Rep Meeting Notes 


Below are some of the high-level notes from the Rep Meeting, held July 25. Your club representative will have more details to share in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please see your rep or contact us.

2015 Event Dates

  • ​​​​Crossing will be held Friday, September 11 2015

  • Tractors may be parked at the staging area outside Mackinaw City from Wed Morning through  Fri 7:30am

  • All tractors must be lined up and ready to go no later than 8am Friday morning

  • Tractor showcase will be Friday-Saturday at Little Bear Arena in downtown St. Ignace


2015 Due Dates/Deadlines

  • August 1 – Last day to place an ad for the Guidebook

  • August 15 – Last day to sign up new buddy riders. All photos must be in to OTPE by this date. No exceptions.

  • August 15 - Last day for participants to sign up for the Crossing without paying a late fee of $10, plus tax

  • September 1 – Last day for any sign up for 2015

  • September 11 – Club Reps will meet with Bob at 7:30. They will pick up medallions after and distribute to participants.


  • All participants are required to read and abide by the rules and regulations found here. Failure to comply with any/all of these will result in disqualification from the event. These are put in place for the safety of everyone involved. If you have any questions, please see your rep or OTPE before the event.


Buddy Rider Rules

  • There has been many issues of people not reading the Buddy Rider Rules, found here. It is important to read these before registering your tractor for a Buddy Rider. Seats that do not abide by the rules or are deemed unsafe by Bob Baumgras of OTPE will be denied. 

  • It is impossible to note all of the rules/safety regulations for Buddy Rider seats. Please exercise good judgement when creating a seat.

  • Buddy seats will be checked before the Crossing. Only those seats authorized (with the Buddy Rider medallion) will be allowed on the Bridge.

  • Any violation of the regulations will result in disqualifaction from the event. These are put in place for the safety of all involved. If you have any questions, please see your rep or call Bob at OTPE.


Restroom Facilities

  • Staging Area - Porta johns will be available at the staging area/gravel pit Wed-Fri morning

  • Little Bear Arena - There are bathrooms inside the facility and public bathrooms downtown at the Marina


Parade Route

  • We will begin at the staging area outside Mackinaw City (1 ½ miles west of town on Central Ave). Exits 337 and 338 will take you to Central Ave (follow the event signs after you exit). Some tractors will parade through Mackinaw City, prior to Crossing. The remaining will board onto the Bridge. All tractors will cross over the Bridge and take the first exit towards St. Ignace. They will continue through downtown St. Ignace, along Business Route 2, where they will turn onto Reagan Street, which runs along the backside of Little Bear.

  • Use of airport – Those that are leaving directly after the Crossing (Friday morning) should not turn onto Reagan Street, but should continue on Business 2 until you reach the airport. It will be easier for those people to load up at the airport than in the congestion of Little Bear. It is, however, up to the participants.


Parking *Please follow directions of our event staff and volunteers, as well as local police*

  • Mackinaw City Side

    • We are using the same staging area we have in prior years. Maps will be available online and at the staging area, showing where each club should park.

    • Unloading area – There is a loading dock available and semi parking (weather permitting)

    • Public Parking at Staging Area – There is limited parking behind OTPE’s tent at the staging area. If possible, please drop off participants.

    • Make sure participants stop when they enter the Staging Area. Event staff will greet them with an information packet.

    • As the staging area can get quite busy at times, we discourage spectators from driving through. Please use the designated parking area. Please do not park on the driveway.

  • St Ignace Side

    • Tractor Parking - We will be using the main lot at Little Bear Arena to park the tractors.

    • Loading Dock/Semi Parking – There is a loading dock available and plenty of parking for semis at Little Bear.

    • Public Parking – There is a parking lot across from the tractors for public parking. There is also parking downtown. 


Commemorate 9/11 - Please pass this along

  • It was discussed at the rep meeting ways that we could commemorate 9/11 during the Crossing. Below is what was decided upon.

    • Any active military, veterans, volunteer fireman or the like are welcome to come in uniform for the Crossing

    • Club Reps will be getting with their members on getting flags for every tractor

    • We will observe a moment of silence in the gravel pit at 8:46am. An air horn will sound, which will indicate that all tractors should shut down at that time. The air horn will sound again when all tractors can fire up. We will leave the gravel pit right after

    • We are working to be able to play the National Anthem once all tractors are assembled into Little Bear Arena



  • Purpose of bussing is to get participants to their tractor at the staging area on Friday morning or back to the staging area Friday afternoon to retrieve their vehicle

  • There is a fee for bussing. Passes can be purchased ahead of time at our information tent or the morning of

  • Busses will ONLY pick up at Little Bear Arena, in front of our tent. They will not pick up at individual hotels this year.

  • Event staff will be onsite at Little Bear Friday morning, to answer questions and sell passes. Passes are also available all day Thursday at the staging area

  • You may walk to Little Bear to get on the bus or you may park North of the building and leave your vehicle.


      • MORNING: Busses will start running from Little Bear at 6am and run at least every 30 minutes. The last bus will leave at 8am. The 8am bus is a last resort. Please plan on beng ready no later than 7:30.

      • AFTERNOON: Busses will start running at Little Bear about 11:30 and run until 4:00. They will be bussing back to the staging area to pick up vehicles

        • Please be patient with the drivers. They are running on the schedule provided by us. 

        • They will not return to the staging area with only a couple of people on the bus at a time.

        • If you cannot wait and have an urgent need to get your vehicle, please see Rebecca under our tent.

  • We encourage most people to use the morning bus, as your vehicle will already be on the St. Ignace side when you arrive



  • Staging Area - There is no food available for purchase at the staging area. Please feel free to bring your own coffee, breakfast or lunch. A small grill is also allowed.

  • Litle Bear Arena 

    • Friday 12-3: Catered lunch will be offered for $6. This includes your choice of a burger, hot dog or chicken, along with chips and a drink.

    • Friday 12-6: Concession stand will be open, serving drinks and snacks

    • Saturday 11-5: Concession stand will be open, serving drinks and snacks


Event Staff

  • Our event staff will be in bright yellow "Event Staff" shirts

  • Event staff may include volunteers as well

  • Please follow all directions of the staff

  • We are here to make sure you have a fun and safe event

  • We love meeting all of you! Please stop in to our tent and say "Hi!"

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please see Rebecca or Jeremy under our tents. Rebecca and Jeremy are available from 7:00am - 6:00pm Thursday - Saturday



  • Every year we put out a guidebook that has important event information, advertisements, coupons and more!

  • About 1500-2000 are passed out each year

  • If you, your club, or a business would like to put in an ad, please contact Jeremy at 1-888-530-4554 before August 1

  • The guidebook is passed out to area businesses, every participant and spectators

  • Companies that place an add will also have their name on our "Thank You" banners that hang from our tents



  • Music

    • Staging Area: The Missouri Ramblers will be performing on Thursday from 3-6pm

    • Little Bear Arena - A DJ will be onsite Friday and Saturday. Yankee Station band will perform Friday from 3-6

    • Downtown St Ignace - Saturday evening there will be music downtown

  • Public Tractor Viewing

    • Mackinaw City Side: Staging Area/Gravel Pit: Thursday 3-6PM

    • St Ignace Side: Little Bear Arena: Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-5

  • Jack Pine Lumberjack Show

    • Thursday evening. Located at 10510 US-23, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. Visit their site here. They also offer group discounts.

  • Snowmobile Show

    • St Ignace will be hosting the "Top of the Lake Snowmobile Show" on Friday and Saturday, inside Little Bear Arena

  • Tractor Games

    • For the second year in a row, we will be hosting Tractor Games

    • This year, they will take place Friday and Saturday

    • Location is right behind our tent at Little Bear Arena in downtown St Ignace

    • Pre-register online is preferred, but not required. Pre-register here.

    • Ribbons and prizes awared to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    • It's free to participate!

    • Bleacher seating provided, or bring your lawn chair

  • Downtown Parade

    • ​For the second year in a row, we will be doing a Saturday evening parade in downtown St. Ignace

    • Perfect for families. 

    • Parade will start about 5:00. Line up starts at 4:00 at Little Bear Arena.

    • No registration required.

    • This is still part of the "Event" so drivers must be active particpants, but familes can ride along (if safely)

  • Raffle Giveaways

    • Saturday after the tractor games (about 2:30) at our tent outside Little Bear Arena

    • Some prizes require you to be present to win, but not all

    • We will have a speaker system this year, so everyone can hear us announce winners

    • Tickets are free with purchase of apparel or merchandise

    • If you or your club would like to donate to the raffle, please call Jeremy at 1-888-530-4554. Your name would also go on our "Thank You" banner outside our tents

  • Fireworks

    • Fireworks will take place at 9pm Saturday, in downtown St. Ignace, over the bay


Information/Merchandise Tents

  • Staging Area/Gravel Pit - The information and merchandise tent will be the first big tent as your enter the Staging Area. Our event staff will be happy to answer any questions

  • Little Bear Arena - The information and merchandise tent will be on the lawn outside Little Bear Arena.

  • Merchandise

    • We are the only place to receive your official merchandise for the Crossing.

    • When you purchase apparel/merchandise, it supports the event year over year

    • Over 80 button - Know a participant who is 80 years or older? Have them come see us for a free button!


Classic Tractor

  • Eric from Classic Tractor attended the rep meeting on Saturday. He drove 5 1/2 hours each way, so we really appreciate him coming up!

  • Classic Tractor's crew will be filming the Crossing, as well as interviewing participants at the Staging Area and Little Bear

  • They will be onsite Thursday - Saturday. Please introducte yourself if you see them.

  • The film crew will be in the parade on a JD 4020. They will be cutting in and out of the parade to film. Please be on the look out for them.

  • DVD's will be available for purchase.


Important Notes

  • The parade needs to keep moving. Please do not slow down under 10MPH or create large gaps. There will be designated people every 10 tractors to keep people moving. The event is more enjoyable to all participants and spectators if there are no large gaps. 

  • When you pull into the staging area, you will be met by a member of the event staff. Participants will receive the guidebook, wristband, map and instructions. Please do not proceed through the staging area without stopping to check in with them. They will be in the driveway and will meet you at your vehicle.

  • Club representatives are the only people authorized to pick up medallions on Friday morning. Participants should wait by their tractors and the reps will pass them out

  • Please remove your medallions when you reach Little Bear. This way they do not fall off and are not stolen. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call Rebecca at 989-721-6882, Bob/Jeremy at 989-729-6567 or email


We look forward to seeing all of you in September!