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Event History

The Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing was created by Bob Baumgras of Owosso Tractor Repair & Parts in 2007. The first event took place in September of 2008 with 614 tractors participating. Since then, it has grown and changed year over year.


The event starts out at a staging area outside Mackinaw City and ends up in downtown St. Ignace, where the tractors stage at Little Bear Arena. 


It is quite an event to see, bringing thousands of people to the area. The Crossing takes place the Saturday after Labor Day.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to be a certain age?

Drivers are required to be at least 18 years of age on the date of the Crossing. Buddy riders must be at least 16 years old. Some clubs do allow 13-15 year old buddy riders (on a bench seat behind the driver with an adult). Please contact your club for more information on age requirements.

How do I get signed up?


One requirement is that all participants belong to a tractor club that is joining us on the ride. If you do not belong to a club currently, or your club is not participating, please call us and we will point you in the direction of clubs accepting new members for the Crossing. The current list of clubs signed up can be found by clicking here. If you belong to a participating club, watch the website for information on when participate registration will be open. If you need a club to join please use the contact us form (click here). 



Is there a fee for the event?


Each participant pays an entry fee to Owosso Tractor Parts. For more information on this, please see your Club Representative or call us directly. There is no fee to the public to view the tractors or participate in the events, outside of the Crossing.



Does my tractor need to go a required speed?


In order to keep the parade moving along a steady pace, we require all tractors to maintain a speed of 10MPH. All club representatives must submit a list of tractors crossing that will be reviewed by our staff.


Where do the tractors park for the weekend?


The tractors will be staged Friday afternoon and all day Saturday/Sunday at Little Bear Arena in downtown St. Ignace. 


What is a "Buddy Rider?"


A buddy rider is someone who rides alongside the tractor driver during the Crossing. The buddy rider must be on an approved seat, that has passed inspection by the Club Representative, as well as our staff. A minimum of four pictures must be sent to us by July 15 in order to participate. Buddy seats not approved will not be allowed in the Crossing.



Where is a good place to watch the tractors?


You can see the tractors on both sides of the Bridge. Some people choose to sit in Mackinaw City and watch the parade of about 200 tractors, prior to them boarding the Bridge. Others will choose to sit at the foot of the Bridge on the north end, near the Welcome Center. There is also great spots to sit along US-2 throughout St. Ignace, as the tractors go into downtown, prior to parking for the weekend. 



Are there other activities during the weekend?


Absolutely. There is an entire weekend packed with fun activities for the whole family. This includes (but is not limited to) lunch, concession stands, antique snowmobile show, tractor games with prizes, raffle giveaways, a downtown tractor parade on Saturday afternoon, Lumberjack show (outside Mackinaw City) on Thursday, music and more!


What if I have more questions?


Check out our Facebook page ( for more information. You may also check with your Club Representative or call us directly any time.


The official site for information is

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