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New Participant Information

We know that participating for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and we are here to make it as seamless and fun as possible.
Below are steps you should take if you are interested in signing up for the Crossing. The deadline for 2024 is August 1. There is a cap of 1500 tractors and it's a first come, first served basis. To be registered a participant must send entry form and payment in at the same time and be a registered member of a participating club.
If you have any questions, most information can be found on this site. If you need assistance, please email us at



  • Read the rules and regulations! It's very important to understand the rules and make sure your tractor qualifies. Participant rules can be found by clicking here.

  • Do you belong to a participating club? The list of current clubs can be found by clicking here. This list will change as new clubs sign up through July. If you do not belong to a club, please contact us and we will get you in touch with a club accepting new members. You will need to pay the club dues (usually around $15) and then pay the entry fee for the Crossing.

  • If you do belong to a participating club already, please contact your club with any questions or requirements prior to registering with us.

  • Once you are signed up for the Crossing, you will want to book your hotel. A list of area accommodations can be found by clicking here​. Most hotels require a credit card to hold the room, but do not charge up front. Most St. Ignace hotels are within 1/2 mile of the staging area in downtown St. Ignace. There are also campgrounds available on both sides of the bridge.  Please note: There is no camping at the staging area in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace.

  • Registration and entry fee may be paid online, mailed in or given to your club (if that is their preference).  A completed participation form and payment must be received at the same time in order to be registered.

  • A tractor driver checklist is provided to ensure you bring everything needed for the drive. For that checklist, please click here.


  • ​Participants are encouraged to arrive at the staging area anytime Wednesday, Thursday or you can also arrive Friday. Event staff will be onsite all day and night Wednesday-Friday. Please do not arrive on Saturday morning, as there is too much congestion with everyone arriving prior to Crossing.

  • The staging area is located just West of Mackinaw City on Central Avenue. Take Exit 339 from I-75. Stay in the right lane. Once you exit, follow the tractor parade signs to the gravel pit (about 1.5 miles west of town). The gravel pit will be on the left hand side. 

  • When you pull into the gravel pit, one of our event volunteers will meet you. You will be given an event book and a map of where your club is parked. You will be given instructions for where to unload your tractor and where to park your truck/trailer if you are leaving it. Please follow instructions of our volunteers, who will be wearing either volunteer shirts or yellow/orange vests. If you have any questions or concerns please see Rebecca or Jeremy in our Information tent.

  • Our event staff will be located in the information tent for any questions. We will also have official event merchandise and apparel for sale as well.  An event schedule will be posted closer to the Crossing.

  • Parking:  There is limited handicapped parking behind the information tent. Other traffic will be routed to the back of the gravel pit. Please only park in this designated area. Do not stop/stand/park in the gravel drive for any reason, for any length of time. Do not park outside of the gravel pit. There will be people movers available.  Golf carts are also allowed. Drivers must be licensed and extreme care should be taken.

  • Security will be onsite at the gravel pit.


  • No public are allowed in the Mackinaw City staging area for any reason on Saturday morning. Limited parking is available for participants in the designated areas. Please only park in the designated area. Do not stop/stand/park in the gravel drive for any reason, for any length of time. Do not park outside of the gravel pit.

  • Transportation: We offer bus transportation for participants from St. Ignace to the Mackinaw City staging area Saturday morning. This helps to cut down on the vehicle traffic and is convenient, as you don't have to worry about getting your car later.  For bus information, please click here.

  • All participants are to be at the Mackinaw City staging area no later than 8:00AM (we prefer 7:30) on Saturday morning. Please go to your tractor and ensure everything is in working order.  For a schedule of the event, please click here.

  • Each tractor and buddy rider will receive an official entry magnet just before we leave for the Bridge. This will be handed out by your club representative. Please be at your tractor ready to receive it. The entry magnet authorizes you to be on the bridge and tells the Michigan State Police and the Mackinac Bridge Authority that you are authorized to be in the parade. Only those participants and buddy riders that have paid their fees and have approved tractors will be allowed to cross. Your club representative has a list of all drivers and buddy riders that are approved. Please do not ask our staff for your entry magnet (or "medallion") as the club rep is the only one who can hand it to you. Your club rep will have a meeting with Bob and Rebecca early in the morning and then will receive the packet of entry magnets for their club. They will then pass them out at the tractors.

  • Event staff will be onsite from 6:30am - 8:30am for any questions or if you would like to purchase apparel or merchandise.

  • There will be an opening ceremony. We ask that everyone shut down their tractors by this time, and if able, make their way to the fire truck. We will do a flag raising, as well as sing the National Anthem. There will be a few opening remarks, and then everyone will be instructed to start up their tractors and get ready to roll!


  • There are two parades during the crossing. The first parade will immediately board onto the Bridge and start crossing it. The second parade (about 300 tractors) will wait in Mackinaw City and then parade through town before boarding onto the Bridge.

  • It is against regulations for anyone to swap drivers during the parade before or on the Mackinac Bridge. If you started out in the gravel pit, you will need to remain on the seat throughout the parade. Reminder: Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Buddy Riders can be 16, but must be approved ahead of time and under no circumstances are to operate the tractor. 

  • Once you cross the Bridge you will parade to St. Ignace and be parking at Little Bear Arena (near/behind the NAPA store). This is where the tractors will stage for the weekend.  Heart of Michigan tractor club will be parking all the tractors. They have been assisting us with this for years and are great at it. Please listen to them and park where instructed. There is a strategic way of parking to ensure all tractors fit in the parking lot. Important: If you are going right home Saturday morning after you cross, you do not have to park with the tractors. You can continue to the gravel section of Little Bear Arena where the loading docks are.

  • Our event staff will be in the information tent all day Saturday and Sunday for questions or if you would like to purchase merchandise or apparel.

  • Lunch will be served inside Little Bear Arena from 11am - 3pm. Choice of hot dog, hamburger or chicken with chips, drink and a cookie will be served for a small fee. Lunch is catered by Little Bear Arena and is completely separate from Owosso Tractor Repair & Parts.

  • Restrooms are located inside Little Bear Arena.

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